Of Pride

Four queer artists express their turning

points through city murals in Amsterdam,

London, Berlin and Milan.

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley – 25 (They/Them)

Archival activist creating There is Power in not Passing in Berlin.


Dafne Boggeri – 46 (She/Her)

Artist creating Coming out of my Comfort Zone in Milan.


Sarah Naqvi – 25 (She/They)

Artist creating Etymologies of Erasure in Amsterdam.


Tanaka Fuego – 25 (He/They)

Poet creating Ancestors Encore in London.


“In the moment when we signed my chosen name into law with my family around me, for the first time ... I saw who I was becoming... That there is power in being visibly trans.”

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley. The moment, 2019.

"When I came out of my comfort zone. The moment in which anything could happen. Taking the risk…”

Dafne Boggeri. The moment, 2021.

“In that rare conversation with my family about queerness, in explaining to them in the sweetest of words what it meant, in that moment I saw myself also redefining the terms of my own existence for the first time.”

Sarah Naqvi. The moment, 2019.

"Writing became my best friend…I was the only one who could define myself and my decisions and that was the start of really learning what autonomy looked like.”

Tanaka Fuego. The moment, 2016.


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